Protect Yourself

One suggestion that I constantly share, and take very seriously myself, is: be protective of yourself. I trust that most people are protective of their physical health but we are not always as concerned with our mental and emotional well-being. I mean, of course if someone attacks me I will protect and defend myself. But it is equally, if not more, important for me to be just as protective of my space as I am of my body.

My friends always tease me because just as quickly as I walk into a place, I will turn around and walk right back out of it. Granted, I can be a little brash at times but I really think it is that serious. Hear me out:

When I say “space”, I am referring to my immediate environment – things that I can see, hear, and feel. But more importantly, when I say “my”, I am referring to any environment that I have control of.

The energy we carry around, either in the form of words or actions, can kill. Obviously no one has ever actually killed me but there have definitely been people that have “killed my vibe” (oh, hey Kendrick!). And likewise, I have killed the mood in plenty rooms myself.  Because that was never anything to be proud of, I am trying to change it. Now, I stay away from people or places that don’t agree with my mood. Or, I will remove myself if I know that my mood is conflicting.

I determine who is worthy of being around me and who I choose to be around. I also work to maintain a certain aura in those spaces. I like for people to enter my space and feel good! And in order to ensure that my space stays that way, I have to be protective of who and what I let in.

This rule doesn’t only apply to where I live, but also to where I work. Now of course I can’t just get up and walk out of my office (without getting fired) but I still have some power over my surroundings. Regardless of what craziness is going on around the workplace, the energy around my desk is unaffected.  Sometimes it takes a closed door, a few extra minutes on my lunch break, a mellow station on Pandora’s radio, or a little meditation and prayer.

Even though our society glamorizes the chaos of being really “busy” and “important”,  humans are made to thrive in peace. You don’t have to answer every phone call from Negative Nancy, or respond to every text or email from Bitter Brian (keep in mind that “Nancy” and “Brian” can be people that you love dearly, but you can love people from a distance sometimes). You’re no good to your family, friends, partner, or boss when you run around frantic and frazzled.

Peace is always an option; create it, maintain it, protect it. 

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