Bold Résumé Writing: Setting Goals, Increasing Expectations

Myth Buster: your resume isn’t only marketing material for your job search. You can also use your resume to help manifest your professional goals and vision. Let me explain:

Before I was even offered the position that I have now, it was already listed on my resume. Why? Because I wanted to:

A)   See if it would give my resume the boost that it needed

and to,

B) Claim this spot as my own!

I started out by finding the job posting for a great position that would take years of experience for me to get and I printed it out. I sat that job description right beside my current resume and asked myself, “Could you apply for this job, with that resume?” (Of course not, so…) “What can you add to this resume to start preparing you to get that job?” I knew that if I could see that position on my resume now, I would be able to tell whether it was a viable next step to someday getting my dream job.

The second reason I added this position to my resume in advance is pretty self-explanatory. As I heard a pastor say years ago, if you want to be blessed with a new car, go ahead and start building yourself a garage now. You have to prepare and make room for the new things that you want to come into your life! Also, being able to actually “see” my future self on paper made me much more positive about my present situation. I was able to see that success was in my path and that this one interview was the only thing separating me from my new & improved, successful self!

But this wasn’t just a one-time thing for me. Right now, I have another job posting for a great position that I use as a reminder of what I’m still working toward. I also have that job added to my “future resume” as an early celebration of who I will be!

Dare to dream purposefully & wholeheartedly. Seeing really is believing!

*** And just so that we’re clear, under no circumstance can you actually submit a “future resume” for a job. All information on your resume must be 100% truthful about your current qualifications***

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