The Late Bloomer

When I daydream, I see a different Rayna: the Rayna that I’m working toward becoming every day. She’s definitely me but she’s more outgoing, she speaks in front of large crowds without a shaky voice, she travels, she spends ample time with family and friends, she eats healthy, her legs are super toned, and her fro is banging EVERYDAY. She’s the ideal I have for myself. I don’t think I’m her yet, because I’m still growing. That Rayna found a good foundation, and then grew until she blossomed. She keeps me working because I want to be just like her some day.

A lot of people say things like, “I’m my only competition”. But I’m starting to think that don’t necessarily feel that way. Because it isn’t a competition or race – it’s a journey. Current Rayna isn’t competing with future Rayna, she just looks up to her as a role model. And this image that I have of my future self is based off of several other women that I admire; some are women that I know personally and others are women that I’ve never met. Since no one is perfect, I’ve taken the better sides of these women and created a glamorous, grandiose me!

I think most women have this same image of themselves, but they use her as a rival instead of a reference. She shouldn’t be a reminder that tells you how far you are from perfect; she should be your encouragement and motivation. Acknowledge the difference between where you are and where you want to be, but stay hopeful that it gets better.

Happiness can become joy. Surviving can lead to thriving. Growing comes before blossoming. Your evolution is the start of your epitome. Congratulations on your journey up the mountainside, just keep pushing toward the peak.

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