The Pursuit of Beyoncéness: Part II

When I first saw the above quote on Instagram, I chuckled and brushed it off. But with the surprise release of Beyonce’s latest album, that same quote is all too relevant.

Despite all the illuminati foolishness Beyoncé is a living, breathing, defecating human – just like you and I. Her sun rises and sets within the same timeframe as everyone else’s. Her days aren’t longer nor does she have an extra day in between Saturday & Sunday. She just makes impeccable use of her time. To say that she works hard is an understatement. Hello, she quietly released a visual album of 14 songs and 17 videos while on a world tour! I have no words for that. She is mind-blowingly amazing. And so are you, you woke up like that. Every human that wakes up to another 24-hour day has the same opportunity to be amazing. We don’t have to aspire to do all of the things that Beyoncé or anyone else does, but it helps to know that we have the same capabilities. Your album might be that research, that report, that website, that closing argument, that final draft. Whatever it is, it’s time to release it – on your terms and in your own way.

Of course I watched every single video, and loved the uniqueness of each one. But with all of her outfit and hair changes, the one thing that was constant throughout was her glow. She seemed happy; she seemed to be enjoying every moment of the process. I mean, how else could you explain her tireless ability to be an artist, businesswoman, mother, and wife? Whatever your work is, you should also be happy and glowing while doing it. You should be able to release your best work then enjoy a vegan cupcake while the world marvels at your talent.

2014 is right around the corner and while I’m not big on resolutions, I am inspired to enter the New Year with a new focus. A focus on investing in and working hard at what makes me happy, sharing my talents with others whenever I want to, but most importantly, not getting caught up in the hype (good or bad).

After all, hard work speaks for itself and lions don’t need to roar.

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