Details of Miracles: They’re None of Your Business

Mir·a·cle (noun) – a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. 
If I asked you if you believe in miracles, you’d probably say ‘yes’. And if I asked you if you believe that you deserve good things in life, you’d probably answer ‘yes’ to that, too. If you don’t, well…that’s an entirely different blog post. Anyway, you believe you deserve the best, you believe in favor, blah, blah, blah. Well if you woke up tomorrow and there was a brand new car in your driveway, I bet that you would immediately start to wonder how it got there. “Who did this?”, “Where’d it come from?”, “Why would anyone give me a new car?!”

Obviously a new car appearing in your driveway is an extreme example, but stay with with me here.

Maybe the car doesn’t just appear, but maybe you go to work and find out that your company closed a huge deal, and everyone in the office is getting a raise. You go out with friends to celebrate your raise and meet a really nice guy at the bar. You tell him why you and your friends are out and he’s happy to tell you that he owns a car dealership. He says that since you’ll be making more money, you should be riding in style and that he’d be happy to give you a great deal on a new vehicle – no strings attached. Long story short, one week later you’re driving a new car to work!

Miracles can happen in one fell swoop, or they can occur as a series of events. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care whether my blessings happen in one day or over the course of one week, just as long as I get them. The time it takes for them to happen is none of our business. How and why they happen is also none of our business. Our only business in life is being faithful and believing in abundance.

So, even though you know that miracles can happen, can you say that you fully believe that they can happen for you? You’ve been realistic your whole life, why not give dreaming a try?! Who are you hurting by expecting bigger and better things? Believe that you can get that job with less experience than others; believe that you can make more money than someone doing the same job; believe that good things happen to people who believe they can.

God and the universe hear even your deepest thoughts, so they’ll know if your faith is flawed. How and why good things happen is none of your business – be happy that, even in this ugly world, they still do.

  1. No dream is too outrageous, decide that it can happen for you.
  2. Mind your faith, shut up, and accept good.
  3. Say, “thank you.”

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