PBOD: Who’s On Your Dream Team?


***If you read, “Bad News, Honey…” you probably felt like all of your power had be stripped away from you. But today, you’re getting it all back! It’s hiring season and YOU ARE THE BOSS!***

Yesterday I attended Dr. Stacia Pierce’s ATL Success Tour stop. I attended the seminar alone, which is not unusual for me. I’m an impatient introvert so most times when I hear about something I’m interested in, I’ll pick up and go before I ever think to tell anyone else. But most of the other attendees were accompanied by someone else. There were mother-daughter duos, sisters, mentors & mentees, entrepreneurs & their assistants, best friends, and employers & employees. It was so great to hear people tell Dr. Stacia, “My ____ told me they were coming here today and invited me to join them.” It really reinforced the idea that no one gets anywhere alone; we all need people pulling and pushing us to bigger and better things. And while I chatted with the women around me, ultimately I was there growing alone. Not a good feeling.

This got me thinking about the importance of having a “team” or group of select people who keep you connected to your goals and accompany on your journey to success. These people make up your PBOD: personal board of directors.

Members of your PBOD:

  • Are genuinely interested/invested in your success and assist you in career decision-making.
  • Are honest, accessible, and have insight to you or your industry/profession.
  • Should be respected and trusted consultants.
  • Challenge, support, and celebrate you.
  • Add value, perspective/vision, and allow you to be your authentic self.

So, who exactly are you recruiting? Below is a list of potential PBOD positions that need to be filled:

  1. Chief Role Model – You may or may not actually know this person, but they should be someone that you look up to. This is someone that you follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. who constantly motivates you through the things they post.
  2. VP of Honesty – This person may not work hand-in-hand with you through a goal or project, but they always give you an honest thumbs up or thumbs down on your ideas. They are brutally honest and will tell you when you’re on or off track.
  3. Senior Strategist – This board member should be an actual coach. A certified business, life, or career coach that has the knowledge base to provide you with actual tools and strategies to carry out your goals. Be prepared: this may take a monetary commitment (books, classes, seminars, conferences, etc.) but will be well worth the investment.
  4. Director of Internal Operations – This person has experience in your area of interest. They’ve been there and done that. They know the rungs on the ladder that you are trying to climb so their advice should be accurate and up-to-date. However, if this person is a seasoned professional, you might eventually find that their advice is outdated, at which point you need to find a replacement who has a more current perspective.
  5. Chair of Accountability – This is your nag; they hold you to whatever you said you’d do. They often check in with you to see if you’ve gotten started, then to see how far you’ve gotten…and then to see if your task is complete. You know that once you tell them your idea, they won’t leave you alone until they see a finished product.
  6. Connection Manager – This person is a master networker (very important for introverts like me). They enjoy meeting new people and usually know everyone in the room. This person has the power and courage to introduce you to whoever you’d like to meet.
  7. Coordinator of Questions – This member of your team is naturally inquisitive. When you share an idea or goal with them, they have a ton of follow-up questions: “How are you going to do that?”, “What’s your plan?”, “Who do you need to work with?”, “Where do you need to go?”, “What’s the next step?”. By them questioning you, you realize how much work or research you still need to do so that you cover every aspect of achieving your goal.
  8. Assistant Dreamer – This is your passion partner. They get just as excited as you do about your new ideas, and are always willing to tag along. This person is usually the best friend that you text first when you get good news and would be the person sitting next to you at a life coaching seminar. Sometimes, they have very similar goals but even when they don’t, they’re excited to grow with you.

I’d say that when you are ready to start building your PBOD, start by appointing your Executive Role Model and Assistant Dreamer first. These people are instrumental in helping you feel supported and encouraged. 

Prospective PBOD members are:
A. Those already in your inner circle, because they know you well.
B. Faces-in-high-places, because they know your industry.
C. Experts, because they know things that you don’t know.

Keep in mind that you have final authority. You have the power to make structural changes to your PBOD any time you want. You can promote, demote, or completely “fire” anyone as you please. Some people will change and become better suited for other positions, some will no longer meet the needs of their role. And as you change, your PBOD could change as well, and that’s okay. Appoint people at your convenience, building a dream team takes time. 

**The purpose of this activity is to help you stop sharing your dreams with complacent friends or waisting energy on naysayers. Remember that time you were really excited about that great idea you had, but you made the wrong call? All that person ended up doing was shooting you down and making you second-guess your plan. Your PBOD will help you avoid losing momentum.

Now, grab a piece of paper and start drafting up  a list of prospective members! You might not have every position filled just yet, but at least you now know who you’ll need to recruit. Over the next few days, I’m hoping to draft up actual “position descriptions”. That way, when I network or think about people in my life, I can identify exactly what role they play in my success. Without a “position description”, you won’t have a basis for recruiting winners or rejecting toxic people from your team.

Remember: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” so choose wisely!

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