Hire Yourself!

I’m in the process of giving Sucsass a huge makeover, but committing to this project hasn’t been an easy decision. Since my blog is an extension of me, I think its design should represent me and my readers well. But then I found out that this makeover would be a hefty investment. As soon as I calculated exactly how much it would cost me to self-host, hire a graphic designer, and then hire someone else to install the new layout, I was terrified. My first thought was, “What if I spend all of this money to redesign Sucsass, and then I decide to stop blogging?!”. I never once questioned, “What if I pay these people and I end up hating their designs?”. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to stop any time soon but that just goes to show you how ridiculous my thought process was. I’ve blogged at Sucsass for over a year now, so why on earth would I miraculously decide to quit after making such a large investment?! Isn’t it more likely that these other people won’t meet my expectations? After all, I don’t even know them!

Well, that’s how self-sabotaging doubt works.

When I enrolled into college I never once thought, “What if I pay my tuition but my professor doesn’t show up?” Before I buy books I never think, “Oh my gosh, what if I buy this book and it’s terrible?!” I haven’t stopped going to Starbucks for fear that my caramel macchiato will be too milky. I trust that people can do their job; I just invest and believe that they will deliver. So why do we have more faith in others than we do ourselves? Why do we second guess our own ability to follow through? Why is investing in ourselves riskier than when we choose to pay others for a service? Once a monetary transaction occurs, people feel obligated to make good on their committment, right? Well the same applies to you. Set a goal, pay the price, and trust that you’ll give it your all. The trick isn’t holding yourself to high standards; the trick is trusting that you’ll fulfill your own expectations.

If you’ve ever paid anyone else to help make you a better person, I dare you to try something: HIRE YOURSELF. And once you’ve given yourself a new assignment:

  • Believe that you can deliver.
  • Believe that you’ll take this new goal seriously.
  • Believe that your money won’t go to waste because you ‘re going to show up and show out.

You’re your most loyal customer, client, and partner. Do more business with yourself. 🙂

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