Vacation Life/Leisurely Living: Part 1 (Pictures Inside!)

Last week, Brylon and I returned from a much-needed 6-day Carnival Cruise vacation. We enjoyed a beautiful trip to Mexico that included climbing Mayan ruins, swimming in an ancient sinkhole, snorkeling in Paradise Reef, and massages on the beach. It was magical, to say the least. The best part is that we didn’t have cell phone service and even when we did, we knew we had to avoid racking up hundreds of dollars in roaming charges. Internet on the boat even came with a price tag of $.75 per minute or up to $149 for 480 minutes. This meant that as much as we wanted to check emails and respond to text messages, we would have to fight the urge to tend to matters back home. We were completely free from our day-to-day lives; 6 whole days of nonstop adventure and relaxation!

Of course when we returned, every wanted to hear the stories and see pictures. And it seemed like the more we shared the details of the trip, the more it started to sound like a whimsical illusion. The way people’s eye’s lit up, you would’ve thought we had to slay dragons and lasso unicorns to get there. The reality is that I just so happen to catch a flash sale on the Carnival Cruise website and we had been daydreaming about vacation for months.  We’ve been saving for an unplanned trip and had accumulated enough vacation days to leave without worry; so we jumped on the opportunity. Nothing crazy; we just said ‘yes’ to the chance.

A common misconception is that we enjoy vacationing so much because we can be responsibility and worry free. Not true, because even in Mexico we still had imperfect days. We still had to make it to the dining room by a certain time or else we’d have to have a late dinner (which happened so we had to eat pizza from the 24-hour station), we got seasick, sunburned, and Brylon lost his iPhone. Vacation wasn’t perfect but we’d go back in a heart beat. So what is it about being on vacation that we miss out on in our daily lives?  Well, I think its:

  • Risk-Taking & Adventure – Something about being on vacation gives us the impression that there’s more to explore there than there is in our hometown. We also live like it’ll be our last time visiting that place so we have to go all out and enjoy that day to the fullest.
  • Relaxation – We set strict boundaries on our days off : “That’s my job calling. I’m not picking up, I’m off today!” or “That can wait until I get back to the office Monday”. It seems that nothing can bother us because we’ve hit some internal switch that says that we can worry about all of that stuff later.
  • Eagerness – Our daily agenda while on vacation always includes at least one really fun activity. Not that we can’t do those same things any other day (i.e. Brylon and I getting couples’ massages) but again, we make sure we schedule one daily activity that would bring us joy.
  • Beauty – Thins is a huge priority for me. No one ever takes a vacation somewhere expecting to be surrounded by filth. we chose exotic and beautiful locations, stay at the best hotels, and eat at the top restaurants. We treat ourselves to the absolute best!
  • Rest – We give ourselves permission to just stop and not do anything at all. There were some cruise events that we wanted to attend but if we found ourselves too tired to go, we just wouldn’t. We made sure that above all else, we had time to just lay around and enjoy our time.

These things aren’t impossible to experience on a regular basis, they just require intentionality. Every day can feel like a vacation day if we put forth the same planning (more on that topic soon). In the meantime, check out a few snapshots of our vacation below:


Swimming in this ancient Mayan sinkhole was…interesting. Check out how clear the water was!


My drink of choice the entire trip was a Miami Vice, this coconut version was one that I got once we docked in Progreso.

Hopping on the catamaran for a day of snorkeling and private beach partying!

Hopping on the catamaran for a day of snorkeling and private beach partying!




Snorkeling in Cozumel

Getting massages on the beach in Cozumel

Getting ready for a couples’ massage on the beach in Cozumel

Brylon wishing he didn't have to get back on the boat

Brylon wishing he didn’t have to get back on the boat

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