Dear Diamond…

Dear Diamond

These last few months have been difficult for me. With all of my new transitions, I have started searching for something consistent to connect with. But this desire to avoid stirring up the pot by trying to fit in is only to my detriment. This post isn’t for everyone. Not because anyone is less worthy, but because not everyone has started to feel uncomfortable yet.

This is for the person who wants more than their current situation has to offer. This is for the person who’s getting tired of going through the motions. The person tired of laughing at the same jokes and hanging out at the same, old spots. This is for the person seeking substance. This is for the person that feels alone on their climb to the top. This is for the diamond trying to shine in a rhinestone world…

Dear Diamond,

Keep striving for excellence, even when everyone around you is settling for average. Remember that you were created for a divine purpose and destiny takes time. Keep your head up and continue moving forward.

Stand tall and do not shrink to make others feel comfortable. You are an eagle; stay away from chicken coops.

And don’t be afraid of your potential or feel discouraged when others complain about the brightness of your glow. The world needs your light. Because when you shine, you guide other diamonds to greatness.

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