LUSH-ious Skin Care


About this time last year I told you a little about some of my favorite skin care products that help me deal with weather changes. While I’m still using those same ones, I’ve also decided to test out a few products from Lush Cosmetics, a charitable company that makes 100% vegetarian, handmade hair and body products. Per some recommendations, I decided on:

  • Buffy Body Butter – $12.95
  • King of Skin Body Butter – $14.95
  • Pumice Power Foot Soap – $4.50
  • Featured Charity Pot – $6.95

After only a few washes, I am already in love with Buffy (an almond, bean, and shea butter exfoliator) and King of Skin (a solid body lotion). Obviously only time will tell how my skin responds to these, but so far I’m more than satisfied. During my visit to the Lush store, an amazing scent hit me as soon as I entered and the sales associates sat me down for some pampering so that I could test out several different products before making a purchase.  If there’s a location near you, I highly suggest you try them out!

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