Must-Answer Career Questions: Part II


A little more than a year ago, I shared some of the questions that I use in my career coaching sessions. But since then, I’ve learned a lot more and have worked with hundreds of other people that have challenged me to challenge their thinking more. Here are some additions to my original list of questions that you MUST answer if you’d like to determine your path and purpose in life:

  1. What are you afraid of or feel the most resistance toward doing?
  2. What topics do you love to research and read about the most?
  3. What things did you love about each of your past jobs? Why?
  4. What things did you hate about each of your past jobs? Why?
  5. What is your definition of success?
  6. If you had the chance to quit and walk away from all stress (with absolutely no consequences), what would you spend the rest of your days doing?

These questions take some time and soul-searching to answer, but the answers unlock the door to your happiest future. Take some time over the next few days to jot down some of your thoughts, then see if you can find some common themes or reoccurring desires. The things that come up the most are the things you should be consciously trying to live out in your day to day life.

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