Download & Print: SucSass Strategies 2016

FullSizeRender(3)Fill out this 2016 planning worksheet and make 2016 your best year yet —> Sucsass Strategies 2016

My goal in creating this worksheet was to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. I find that we get so caught up in the momentum of a New Year that we go overboard, setting goals that will burn us out by the summer. Fill this sheet out and use is as a quick reference guide that keeps you on track. As unexpected things arise (because they will) this will remind you of what’s important to your core. Below are descriptions for the different parts of this worksheet:

  • Your word for 2016- in one word, describe the way you want to feel every morning when you wake up. This word describes how you plan to start your day, feel throughout the day, and approach new situations.
  • Your affirmation- is a short and simple positive mantra that you could repeat to yourself in the toughest moment and begin to feel a sense of hope and reassurance.
  • Once you’ve completed the life mapping activity, you might notice that you have some goals that feel more draining than they do exciting. I’m all for setting big, scary goals but only if done for the right reasons. If you have a goal that you’ve set to prove something to others or is one that is taking more than it’s giving, it might be time to bless and release this goal/habit. Walk away from it knowing that it won’t serve you well in 2016 and that you’re better off without it.
  • Lifestyle goals- there aren’t goals that you could achieve in one year or even in five. These goals take time and focus much more on the quality of life that you want (freedom, independence, abundance, peaceful, etc.). Ask yourself, what does my dream life include?
  • Tangible goals- these are your achievables, the goals you can write down and work toward every day or week of the year. These are the goals that you will want to have some level of progression toward by the end of 2016.
  • Commit-there might be something you started in 2015 that you want to commit more time to. For me it’s yoga. I purchased a gym membership and attended class almost every week. But in 2016, I want to practice at home in between attending class. This will require some additional research to ensure that I maintain a good form/posture and dedication to wake up a little ealier to get it done. So what thing did you start in 2015 that you want to continue working toward?
  • Learn- this is a relatively new goal for me. There’s always something that I want to do but I rarely set out to just learn something new. Learning keeps the mind active and curious so you’ll notice yourself thinking sharper simply because your using your brain more than usual.
  • Read- obviously you can finish more than one book in a year but I find that once you have some sort of reading goal, the momentum builds and you’ll read more!
  • Recharge- newsflash: you’ll have some bad days in the New Year (gasp!). But the best way to bounce back is to assign yourself a pick-me-up-activity in anticipation for those days.
  • Fast-forward – this is simple: who do you want to be and what will you want to have achieved by the time December 2016 rolls around. Dream big, envision your end, then work your way backwards!

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