A Dream Come True…Sort Of

Sunday morning I woke up with a vivid memory of my dream the night before. That night I dreamt that I was impeccably dressed and climbing a mountain; Machu Piccu to be exact. During the dream I was surrounded by people but I wasn’t there with any of them. When my group reached the top, I turned to have the scenery behind me and snapped a selfie. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t afraid, and I didn’t feel alone. As soon as I took the picture, I posted it to Instagram then felt a slight panic because, “ohmygawd, my phone bill will skyrocket if I’m using data all the way at the top of a mountain!” But that feeling was fleeting, “I’ll be able to pay it, no problem.” My next thought was about the picture itself. Even though it was a selfie, it panned out so far that it looked like someone else had taken the photo of me. Never mind that either, I’d reached the mountain top and gotten a great photo to share with family and friends! I don’t remember much else from that dream other than the location, picture, and how nicely I was dressed.

The next morning in church something reminded me of it, and I leaned over to whisper to my fiance what I could recall. “Hey, last night I had a dream that I climbed Machu Piccu.” His reply, “Is that a mountain?” to which I responded, “Um…good question. I’m not sure but I think so.” Then I googled it and confirmed, “Yeah, it’s a mountain.” We laughed at our ignorance and paid it no mind.

And then something happened. Just this morning I was scrolling past the news articles featured on Yahoo!’s homepage; my fiance had mentioned something about new terrorist attacks and I wanted to find out more. I somehow got sidetracked and began scrolling further down the page to see what other latest news might be posted. That’s when I noticed the article entitled, “A woman who quit a job paying over $200,000 a year explains why she’s happier earning less than a quarter as much“. My first thought was that this title is entirely too lengthy but my second thought was, “I need to know what her secret is!” As a career coach and current student of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I’m always interested to hear more about people’s pursuit of personal and professional happiness. The article explains how Sonia Thompson left her lucrative marketing career to start her own consulting company. She explained that she saved what many of us call “f-you money”, quit her job, and invested in her dream. Now, she has the freedom to travel the world and spends much of her time in South America.

In the article was a picture of Sonia on the mountain top with Machu Piccu behind her.

I was speechless, in shock. How could I have such a random dream about such a specific place and be looking at a picture so similar to the one I saw in my sleep?

My prayers lately have been for a discerning spirit, Divine instruction, connection to my higher self, and guidance from the Holy Spirit. I believe that this dream gave me just that. I don’t know what my next steps are or should be, but I know that God has heard my prayers and that I’ll always be moved in the right direction. My goal is to just keep affirming, praying, and being attentive to the signs. How exciting to know that our steps are being ordered as long as we’re willing to let Him lead the journey? This dream and seeing that picture of Sonia reminded me that life beyond our wildest dreams is possible. It’s a personal journey, but we’re never alone. And, reaching the top isn’t as tiring as we think if we just allow ourselves to be led. What are you praying for these days and how are you working to make sure your eyes are truly open (or in my case, closed) to see the signs?

Can’t wait to see you at the top, the mountain top!

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