Local Levo: Poise, Posture, and Presence


I mentioned here previously (and here) my love for local networking events provided through Levo.com. At every event, I get the chance to inspire and be inspired by some pretty fabulous Houston women and Wednesday evening was no different. During this TRESemmé– sponsored event, we discussed the power of presence and how we can better and more accurately assert ourselves in professional situations.

Often times, as women, our first priority is to not rock the boat or make a scene. We focus on this so much so that we fail to celebrate our success, assert our influence, and impact real change in the world of work. We use shrinkers when we speak (“just”, “only”, “sorry”, etc.) and we display body language that screams, “I don’t feel like I belong here”. The truth is that we do belong, in whatever space we choose to enter. During this event we cheered each other on in our quests to dominate our fields and we created a space where it was okay to discuss our fears and failures. Conversations like these remind us that we all have similar struggles but that we can really benefit from each other’s experiences.


Levo is a career-advice website that recently launched 30 local chapters throughout different cities. Click here to see if there’s a chapter near you and if there isn’t, that might be your cue to take on a new leadership role!

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