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For the last three years, I’ve been blogging at SucSass.com on personal and professional development topics like career planning, personal branding, and goal-setting. I’m a career coach by trade so I’ve helped hundreds of people stategize on how to create a happy life and dream career and have very much enjoyed doing so. But like everyone, I have a life; one with twists and turns and surprises at every corner. And as a Louisiana native (and Texas resident), one of our first lessons in life is to appreciate lagniappe (LAN-yap: a Creole word meaning an unexpected gift or as we say, ‘a lil’ something extra’).

I’ve learned over the last few years that there’s so much more to life than work and paychecks so as I embark on a new journey, I’m extremely excited to share my world along with. So in addition to inspiration & self-help, RaynaAcoy.com will be your one-stop-shop for beauty & wellness, travel & leisure, home & entertainment, as well as motherhood & parenting. Enjoy!

P.S. – A few of my favs from Sucsass.com have been transferred here but for even more inspiration, feel free to head there!

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