Flash Back Friday

Check out this post from November 2014:

Questions to ask yourself every night

Ever make a kick-ass to-do list in the morning? Ever look at that same to-do list in the afternoon and find that you barely crossed anything off? I do; more often than I’d like to admit. Especially on Mondays. Sometimes my list of things to do gets so long that I feel paralyzed by the thought of doing it all. So instead of working on my list, I just avoid it. Creating a long to-do list can sometimes give you a false sense of accomplishment. You trick your brain into thinking that by making the list, you’re taking the first step toward completing it. The truth is that you don’t get bonus points for making the list; that’s expected of anyone that wants to be productive. The only first step that counts is actually doing something to cross things off. If you’re like me and love making lists, I challenge you (and myself) to start  limiting your list to no more than 3-5 major tasks. The next step is reflecting on your day by answering these tough questions every night before bed:

  1. Did I make every effort to work toward my goals today?
  2. What energized me throughout the day?
  3. What drained my energy today?
  4. What mistakes did I make?
  5. What can I learn from the mistakes I made?
  6. What am I proud of  accomplishing today? (Nothing about yesterday counts, ONLY today)
  7. What am I grateful for?
  8. If I live everyday the way that I lived today, what kind of future would I create for myself?

That last one is like a swift kick to the gut. With love, of course :)  If you find that you don’t like the answers that you came up with, it’s okay. There’s a thing called “tomorrow” and if you’re lucky enough to wake up to it, it’ll give you a second chance. So take advantage of it!

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