Study Your Opponent

I think that as upstanding, law-abiding, God-fearing, productive American citizens we shun the idea of understanding the success of others when they don’t look, think, or act like us. The reality is that there’s a science to success and some people will win or at least be more remarkable than others (please note that all remarks aren’t good remarks; being remarkable is about being noticeable and standing out).

For that reason, we need to get in the habit of studying our opponents especially those that have a record of winning.

Let me be clear: studying your opponent doesn’t necessarily mean assuming every characteristic they possess or adopting their approach. The purpose of your study should be to understand their background, tactics, and decision-making. Take those things and find a healthy way to incorporate them into your game.

The reason that I say for you to study your opponents is because the game never changes. The spectators and your opponents, however, will change all the time. And it is always the PEOPLE that influence the game; they influence the trends and climate. So don’t just study medicine; study successful doctors and common patients. Don’t just study business; study successful businesspeople and their consumers. Don’t just study politics; study politicians that have won and the people that vote for them.

Get to know who they really are: personally and professionally.

Learn some of what they were taught.

Pinpoint when they began to win.

Understand where they came from.

Decode how they did it.

Find out who they influenced and who found them remarkable.

Take the best qualities of your worst opponent and use this knowledge to strengthen and improve your game. Knowledge is power.

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