sat-HER-days: Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend


If you follow me on social media, you’ve seen me use the word “satHERday” at least a few times. The first time I thought of this word was almost exactly 1 year ago as I jumped into my car at 10:16 that morning. I’d hit a few roadblocks but I was determined to make it to my 10:30 a.m. yoga class – one of the primary ways I re-calibrate. It was finally the weekend and despite a few setbacks, I waved my fiance off and told him I’d be back in an hour. I do NOT play about my satHERdays. So what exactly is this sacred day about? SatHERdays are the intentional ways that I practice some self-care every Saturday, right after I wrap up a usually crazy week and just before the start of another.

Of course 7 days of self-care would be ideal but Saturdays usually allow for much more flexibility than most of us working adults have any other day. I work Monday through Friday, then use Sunday for church and prepping for the upcoming week (grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc.); so Saturdays are my one chance to do whatever I want for as long as I want (at least until baby Bryson arrives).

So how can you make the most of your satHERdays? Try this:

  • Before: At some point mid-week, before satHER day arrives, check out local websites that list all the upcoming events (for Houston I use CultureMap and 365ThingsInHouston) . See what {free} outdoor events are happening, load up your picnic basket and plan to head outside. Sunlight and vitamin D are major influencers of our mood so this time with Mother Nature will come in handy Monday morning.
  • Morning of:
    • Enjoy a warm beverage. Yogi products have an herbal tea for just about anything in case you’re dreading the chaos of your local Starbucks.
    • Slow down your time in the bathroom. Instead of rushing through your shower or morning routine, take some time to use that face scrub that’s been sitting, use your loofah, whip out that yummy-smelling soap or lotion and treat your self to a little TLC.
  • Day of:
    • Engage in some sort of physical activity. For me, it’s yoga but even taking a brisk walk would be a nice pick-me-up (and if you walk outside, you kill two birds with one stone!). The endorphins released will lift your spirit and set you up for the feeling of achievement as you prepare to hit the sheets.
    • Connect with a few good friends. Now, you don’t have to over do it but an early brunch or evening cocktail with a few laughs reminds you of the importance of a support system.
    • Dip into that passion project. Yes, that special idea you’ve let sit and collect dust. Try making some progress toward it, even if only a little.
  • Night of: 
    • End your day just as it started: A warm drink to help you relax, quality home-spa bathroom time, and at least 30 minutes to wind down for bed.

Of course it’s likely that you’ll squeeze in some errands and might have to cook and clean at least a little, but this day is about you. For many of us, Monday-Friday is for our work/clients, we worship on the Sabbath so THIS day is our time to shine!

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