7 Ways to Make the Most of an International Turnaround

A week ago I traveled from Texas to Canada for the weekend – crazy right? Actually, it wasn’t so bad. Proper planning can make a quick trip to a new city (or in this case, country) a breeze! Check out some tips below:
vsco-photo-1Before you leave home:

  • Call your cell phone service provider. I wasted some time sitting on the phone with customer care trying to figure out what plan I had and what was included. That’s short for “Just tell me if I can use Instagram and Snapchat without accruing any crazy charges!”. So save some time by calling before you leave home so that you can snap and share photos without having to worry.
  • Do some Pinterest research. There are a ton of articles on must-see places for cities and countries around the world. Simply search, “things to do in ____” then whip out a pen and paper and take notes!
  • Bookmark spots on Yelp. I could/should totally be a spokesperson for Yelp; I live by it. When traveling, search ahead for local eateries, hotels, and attractions but pay close attention to the reviews and photos so that you have an idea of what to expect. Make sure you bookmark your favorites and when you arrive at your destination, sort your bookmarks by distance and keep an eye out for when you’re close to a place you’d want to visit!
  • Pick a color scheme. I do my absolute best to pack light when I travel. Turnaround trips don’t leave time for sifting through your luggage and trashing your hotel room with trial and error outfits. By sticking to a color scheme, you can lessen the number of pairs of shoes you need to pack and you can mix and match outfits if your mood changes.Throw a few statement pieces in your bag in case you need to dress things up a bit and voila!
  • Get cash from your bank. I don’t know who I thought I was waltzing into a foreign store and attempting to swipe my debit card, but at this particular location it was a no-go. Fortunately there was an ATM near by, but just to be prepared and on the safe side, keep a stash of cash in your wallet and exchange currency as early in your trip as possible (airports are usually safest place to make the exchange).

When traveling:

  • Dress for your destination. Your flight or drive might be slightly uncomfortable but you should arrive looking like one of the locals. This is important for me because ‘food’ is the first thing on my mind when I land and I hate having to change clothes before I can eat (I think the word for this is “impatient”).
  • Get an early start. If available, snag continental breakfast at your hotel and pack a snack for the road. Leaving early will account for the time you’ll spend getting lost, looking for parking, trying to decide on where to go, and getting lost again.

Trust me, last minute or short-stint trips are totally possible with the right amount of planning and preparation!


Sherbrooke, Quebec- December 2016

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