Here, God.


We all have a constant internal dialogue going: passing thoughts of our to-do list, things we should’ve said, memories, frustrations, and celebrations. But there’s a fine line between acknowledging your thoughts and drowning in them. That is to say, thoughts are only a problem when they become chatter.

If you find that certain thoughts have become repetitive, nagging, or stressful you might want to try using the following centering statement. It’s an easy one, only two words.

“Here, God.”

This mantra does two things: 

  • “Here, God.” Is meant to be a check in and short prayer. Meaning, “I’m here, God. Your word is more important that what I’m thinking. I’m in tune with your will and my higher self.”
  • By assuring God that you’re fully present in the moment (and not lost in your thoughts) you allow yourself the opportunity to “hear God”. And of course, when you can hear God you don’t have to worry so much about planning, deciding, or figuring anything out. 

After saying this mantra once, follow up with 3-5 deep breaths. Fill your lungs with clarity and positive energy and imagine yourself breathing out your worries.

Remember, thoughts aren’t bad. Allowing yourself to fully feel whatever is happening in the moment isn’t a problem but being stuck there is. Repeat this mantra any time you’re struggling to shake something off. Allow God to enter your heart & mind so that your next thought is of divine wisdom and not some response that you thought up. 

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