Deluxe Home-Spa Treatment


Drawing inspiration from some of my most memorable spa visits, I’m sharing a few tips on how to de-stress and beautify from home:

The sounds: Relax Melodies app for iPhone

The ambience: dimmed lighting, soothing smells, and your favorite relaxing drink

The Treatment:

  • 20 minute foot soak, while wearing your favorite mask, and listening to some relaxing music or enjoying a magazine
  • 5 minute dry brushing
  • 15 minute rejuvenating exfoliating shower (I use Raw Sugar lemon sugar body wash and Origins Shower Off  exfoliating wash with Hawaiian mineral water). I’ve noticed that lemon and/or lemon scents have been a part of my favorite spa treatments. I’m not a huge fan of wearing lemon scents but showering in it is really refreshing
  • 5 minute moisture massage (I’m using Tatcha’s indigo soothing silk body butter)
  • 15 minute cool down *no cell phones allowed* this time is great for meditation and visualization

This ritual a couple times a month has done wonders for me. The last 8 months have consisted of moving across 2 states with an infant, working from home, then starting a new job that requires a daily 2 hour commute. Self-care shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Light the candle you’ve been saving and enjoy today.


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