3 Tips to Maximizing Your Spa Trip

03FA0C9D-434A-48C3-852C-7C5FD0C58E08A while back I made it my goal to visit a spa in every new city I travel to. Travel, for me, usually involved a lot of buyer’s remorse from shopping and eating out so I incorporated getting a spa treatment to add memories and experiences that I’d be more likely to remember. Below are 3 tips to making the most of your next spa trip:

  1. If you can spare the cost, book body treatments instead of massages. A full body massage can get pricey but for a little bit more you can get a full body exfoliating scrub, some sort of shower or bath, and a full body moisturizing massage. One San Diego spa uses an overhead shower while you’re still on the table. You want to talk about invigoration? Let someone rub you down with an exfoliator then wash it off for you without you having to lift a finger. Whew!
  2. Always pack a swimsuit and some sort of entertainment. Most spas will allow for additional lounge time before or after your treatment so depending on where you go, there will be a pool or jacuzzi that you can hang out by. This way, instead of just a 60 minute massage or 90 minute body treatment, you can usually get a 3-4 hour spa experience.
  3. Book your services at a hotel spa. Contrary to smaller, boutique spas, hotel spas will give you access to all of the guest amenities: bars, restaurants, pool area, sauna, gym, etc. My favorite locations have included the body treatment that I booked plus 2 hours of amenity access that allowed me to sweat out some toxins in the sauna, enjoy a magazine by the rooftop pool, and have a drink at the bar after my treatment. Win, win, win!

Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite (domestic) spas:

#1 SpaTerre at Kona Kai (San Diego, CA)

#2 The Spa at Four Seasons (St.Louis, MO)

#3 Allyu Spa (Chicago,  IL)


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