Turn Your Home into a Haven

Staying home during this time of social distancing can feel as if your senses are stifled. But with the right curation, your home can come alive in new ways. Here are 5 tips to transforming your home into your dream haven:

  1. Touch: You can don your bed or sofa with your favorite blanket or pull out that silk robe and fuzzy slippers. Just find some way to awaken your sense of touch. Many of us have often joked about how awesome work would be if only yoga pants or pajamas were acceptable, and now’s the perfect chance to enjoy more time wearing things that make us feel good.
  2. Sight: Add beautiful elements to the rooms you spend the most time in. Fresh flowers on the dining table, frame photos that have been hiding in albums, or create a vision board before spring cleaning your magazine rack. For now we’ll ignore the pile of laundry that needs to be put away (who needs that kind of negativity right now) and just focus on seeing things that make us smile. While you’re at it, draw back the curtains to give your eyes a break from dim, artificial lighting.
  3. Hearing: Explore playlists on your favorite music streaming service. Whether its French jazz (my own latest obsession) or the soothing sounds of lapping water, background music can totally transform the vibe in your home. How do you want to feel? There’s definitely a playlist for that!
  4. Smell: Spending so much time inside can definitely desensitize your most powerful sense so open a window and light a candle to allow a new smell to permeate your home. Raining? No biggie. There’s science to support why the smell of rain, called petrichor, is so pleasant.
  5. Taste: Aside from the latest Dalgona coffee craze hitting Instagram, #QuarantineCooking is a repository of new dishes to try. But don’t rush out to the grocery store just yet. Gather a few recipes you want to experiment with, make a master shopping list, and try to get everything you need in only one trip to the grocery store.

Home can feel like a sanctuary with just a tiny bit of effort. Prison or palace, it’s up to you.

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