Bliss After Burnout

After a sudden revelation that my lack of clarity, energy, and passion was the result of slow-building burnout, I committed to helping others reignite their fire. Burnout is lonely and isolating. And even worse, you can’t always recognize your symptoms while you’re battling it, let alone pull yourself out of the slump. This workbook gives advice from the other side of burnout – a state of bliss.

Bliss After Burnout is an action-oriented workbook for anyone who feels like they’ve lost their passion or career ambition. Maybe there was once a time when you woke up excited about work and went to bed feeling fulfilled by your day. But somewhere along the way, external factors depleted your energy and now work has lost its spark. By completing the activities in this workbook you’ll reconnect with the core of what brings you joy and learn ways to reignite your fire. Unlike other resources, Bliss After Burnout contains reflective exercises that lead to practical steps that you can start implementing right away!

  • Diagnose your level of burnout by understanding symptoms and their impact on your work
  • Unleash the magic of self-mastery with more than 20 powerful coaching questions
  • Receive a list of 10 deeply meaningful ways to change the course of your career
  • Learn from a certified professional career coach and yoga instructor how to transform your career into a daily experience of pure bliss!

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