Put A Bow On It

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July 1, 2020 is the exact mid-point of this year and from day one, things have seemed to be on a downward spiral with very little chance of improvement. Quarantining has made the days feel like a blur and I won’t be surprised if we just float through the holidays and wrap the year up with an anticlimactic farewell. In fact, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing this year come to an end.  But then I remind myself that life is such a precious gift that allowing it to just pass by robs us all of the chance to give God the glory for seeing us through. That’s why I’m looking for ways to put a bow on this gift.

Every great gift has a bow. Before you give a great gift, you top it off with a beautiful bow; when you open a gift, you go for the bow first. The bow is a huge part of the final touches that show how much you care. So the proverbial bow for 2020 should be something that you can look back on favorably despite all of the challenges of this year. Your 2020 bow is how you seal off and finalize this year; it’s your last-ditch effort to make the best of things. We can’t expect to move on to the next year until we’ve fully accepted the current one, made peace with it, and let it go.

I’m also a firm believer that the storm always comes before the rainbow so I’m feeling like this year is just a setup for a major level up in 2021. While we’re stuck safe at home, I’m carving out time to spend with my children, catch up on some small home improvement projects, rededicate some time to blogging, and my big bow will be completing some long overdue professional certifications. I want to finalize these “housekeeping” tasks so that I can enter 2021 and fully embrace it. It’s taken some real work to pull myself out of the funk that is sitting around at home day after day, but the reward will be so worth it.

So take the time to be present with your feelings about 2020. Then ask yourself: what would it take to feel a glimmer of hope, appreciation, and gratitude for this year? What can you do in the remaining 6 months to wrap things up? What beautiful bow will you top this year off with before you say your farewell?


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