7 Products to Keep You in LVoe with Your Handbag!

As an LV lover, what I discuss here is in reference to LV handbags although some tips are versatile.

If you’re new to Maison Louis Vuitton, here are 2 basic terms that you’ll need to know when caring for your handbag:

  • Vachetta – high-quality, vegetable tanned leather that is left untreated, causing it to retain the natural tan/beige color of the hide.
  • Patina – the darkening and sheen on leather caused by the accumulation of dirt, body oils, sunlight and wear and tear

Before doing anything to your bag, answer these 4 questions: 

  1. (If purchased brand new) Do I want to keep the vachetta the same light color that it was when I first bought it? 
  2. Do I like the honey color of aged vachetta (aka patina)? 
  3. Are water spots devastating or character-building for your bag? 
  4. Do you want to: protect your bag from patina, enhance the patina process, clean the vachetta, or even out the patina? 

Over time, your bag will patina. The steps you take to guard and/or clean the vachetta early on may slow down or even out the patina process but once honey-colored (even slightly), your vachetta will not return to its original light color.

  • Saddle soap – lifts heavy stains and works great for pre-loved bags that need a deep cleaning
  • Apple Brand Garde – a spray rain & stain repellent (think scotchgard). A quick spray of this will help combat oil stains and water spots.
  • Apple Brand Kit – includes leather cleaner and conditioner (labeled “leather care”). These products are best used for deeper cleanings on old or pre-loved bags. Your brand new vachetta won’t need this for a while.
  • Chemical free/natural baby wipes (not pictured) – for weekly maintenance cleaning on the canvas and vachetta. Keep a travel pack in your bag for emergency needs and use to gently wipe away excess oil. Do not oversaturate the leather or let the wipe sit on it for too long. Quick sweeping motions work just fine!
  • Brasso (not pictured) – brass cleaner for later down the line if you notice that the hardware on your item is darkening or getting a green residue. Apply with a q-tip to avoid getting any of this product on the leather or canvas. 
  • Magic eraser – use on tough stains and follow up with a light conditioning to restore some of the moisture that the magic eraser would have stripped away in the cleaning process. Overusing could lead to severe drying and cracking of the leather so follow up with a conditioner
  • Silica Gel – these packets help absorb moisture when items have been stored away in boxes. Toss a few of these inside of your storage container if you’re unable to let your bag air out regularly

Not every LV owner is protective over their bags, but I love the idea of keeping pieces in tip-top shape to pass down or resell later. The products shared here can help you do that but continue to do your research and only do/use what you’re 100% comfortable with.

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees about the result of any of the following tips and refuse liability for any damage incurred to your merchandise as a result of your attempts to follow any of these tips.

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