Curating an At-home Luxury Experience

Creating a feeling of refuge in your home is always essential but especially now that we’re spending more time indoors than ever before. Elevate your time at home with a few of these tips:

  • Stock up on fine chocolate and glass-bottled water. Nothing screams low-key luxe like S. Pellegrino and a box of truffles or cacao on display in a beautiful crystal dish. Pro-tip: swing by your local antique shop or thrift store and I’l bet you can score a quality dish for a fraction of the retail price; save that money for the treat you put inside.
  • Enjoy a glass of red wine. Aside from red wine being the ultimate gateway to feeling elegant and sexy, exploring reds it will help develop a refined palette for those fine dining experiences we’re all dying to get back to.
  • Add a scent. Wear your favorite perfume or lotion around the house as a reminder of your feminine power.
  • Lay out some glam coffee table books and/or magazines. Think: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, or fashion house history books like those on LV, Chanel, Dior, etc.
  • Clean your bedding. One of my favorite things about traveling is diving into a king-sized bed with crisp sheets after a long day of shopping and sightseeing. Invest in proper bedding, wash, then follow up with a few a spritzes of clean-scent linen spray.
  • Enjoy mother nature in style. Schedule boat ride, set up a picnic with your favorite bottle of champagne, enjoy lunch on the rooftop, lay out for some stargazing, or watch the sunset with ton amour.
  • Play the right tunes. The best venues never ruin the ambiance with music riddled with lyrics. Set your speaker on a station of instrumental classical, jazz, or symphonic music.
  • Try a new cuisine. Whether you decide to try out a new recipe or you order takeout, take your taste buds on vacation by trying a dish from another culture.
  • Break out the fine china and set your clock for afternoon tea. Afternoon tea, unlike high tea, is a mini-meal of savory and sweet sandwiches, scones, and sweets that hold you over until dinner.

Remember, luxury is a mindset and can be created any time, anywhere. Being alive is reason enough to use that special item you’ve been saving for the right time – that time is now!

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