Before You Buy: 5 Things to Try Before Your Next Luxury Purchase

Between saving money on my daily 2-hour commute and being bored at home, my luxury shopping was insane this year. Most things I use; several things are collecting dust. Knowing that we’ll be returning to some sort of normalcy in 2021, I know that these shopping habits aren’t sustainable. That’s why I’m looking for things to do with what I already have before I buy more. Check out my list of 5 things to try before you buy:

Style your stash. If you have any items boxed away, pull them out for some fun styling. This could mean reorganizing your closet or creating a fun display, but find a way to showcase your luxury stash. Aside from being a fun activity, you’ll get some great, new photos/content and it’ll serve as a visual reminder of how fortunate you already are!

Wear it. That item you bought and never wore? Find at least 5 new ways to wear it. Whether you wear all 5 styles in one month or space them out, challenge yourself to get creative with what you already have.

Reprioritize your wishlist. Before you buy anything else that you may not use, determine the next purchase that will actually add value. What’s on your wishlist? How bad do you want it and why? If you owned it, how often would you use it? These questions will help you determine the order of your shopping hit list. Then, continue to do some research and online browsing to build anticipation.

Resell something. What better way to kill time than saving for your next splurge?! Dig into your luxury stash and find things that you can sell. Does it spark joy? Have you worn it in the last 7 months? Has it retained its value? Create an EBay, Poshmark, or Tradesy account and let the next hopeful shopper snag it! Then save the money for something you really want and will actually use.

Test drive a clone. Now let’s be clear, I’m not talking knockoffs. I mean, a similar but cheaper version of the item you want. For example, I wanted air pods but was worried I’d lose them. Before taking the big leap, I bought a pair of $15 wireless earbuds and guess what? Not only did I lose them multiple times but I realized that I didn’t use them as often as I thought I would. So glad I didn’t spend the money; now I can save it for something else on my wishlist!

Shopping is a common coping mechanism. I can be therapeutic and a legitimate pick me up but anything in excess can be bad. My wishlist grows every month or so but life is a marathon, not a sprint. Shop a little, enjoy a lot and always maintain control. A woman is only as powerful as her ability to manage her finances!

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