Review: Bling Empire on Netflix (Episode 1)

Moment of honesty: this show wasn’t on my radar. Granted I did love Crazy Rich Asians but I thought this would just be a cheesy play on the movie plot. One episode in and I’m pleased to share that I think I was wrong!

The show follows the lavish lives of:

Christine Chiu – philanthropist, fashionista, wife to plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu, and mother of one adorable baby boy. She’s, in my opinion, vying for the role of HBIC against Anna Shay.

Kevin Kreider – the down-to-earth, rich-adjacent model who’s in awe of the lives of his wealthy castmates. Also has a crush on Kelly.

Kim Lee – world-famous female DJ. Her storyline, as least in comparison to her castmates, is boring. Not much more to share there.

Kelly Mi Li – entrepreneur and producer who’s back on the scene after her uber-rich ex-husband was popped by the feds. She’s currently in a rocky relationship with a former Power Ranger (don’t ask which color, that’s not my bag).

Kane Lim -young, flamboiant investor and footwear designer who loves a good kiki

And just what every reality show needs, a grande dame. Enters Anna Shay – heiress to her father’s billion dollar contracting company. Sis has obviously been under the knife a few times but I’m no t sure if it’s that or a substance that causes her slurred speech. Either way, she’s old-money fresh and will not stand for Christine trying to outshine her.

What to watch for in coming episodes:

  • Budding romance between Kelly and Kevin
  • Frienemy beef between Anna and Christine with some first-class shade
  • Kane’s usual over-the-top antics
  • Lots of great fashion!

I have to say, I’m looking forward to where this season goes!

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