5 Career Moves that Lead to a Life of Luxe & Leisure

In April 2020, I published an e-workbook titled Bliss After Burnout. It was a complex experience to be a career coach (my full-time, 9-5 job) and feel so unmotivated. Then I tackled burn out, got promoted, nearly doubled my salary, and found passion projects that have changed my life. Social distancing, mass unemployment, and the sheer uncertainty of life only adds to career burnout. Take the steps necessary to come out of this year with CLARITY and redirect the path of your future. Start living a life you love❤️

  1. Develop clarity around the 5 critical elements of career satisfaction: personality, skills, interest, values, and ideal work environment
  2. Strategically search for and only accept jobs that align with those 5 elements
  3. Commit to being an active contributor in your field. Anyone can do a job, only a will be known for how they shape the future of it
  4. Advocate for yourself by negotiating your salary, tracking and communicating your achievements, networking, and being growth-minded
  5. Manage your money through budgeting, eliminating debt, investing, and/or creating multiple streams of income

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