Clever Ways to Celebrate National Splurge Day

National splurge day is coming up and we still have time to stack our coins to celebrate! Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good impulse buy but being able to plan ahead and save for a special purchase feels twice as good! So if you haven’t already, download a copy of my Luxury Wishlist and let’s (strategically) enjoy the day together! 

Not sure what to splurge on? Check out some ideas below! 

An experience

Research shows that people who spend money on experiences, as opposed to material or quantifiable items, are happier and more contentment across their lifetimes. Consider getting

  • Body treatment at a hotel spa (why hotel? read more about my hotel spa preference here!)
  • Pack a picnic and a charter small vessel for the afternoon 
  • Steal away for a staycation in your city or go all out at a fine dining establishment

High-quality everyday items

You know that thing you use every day? It might be time to upgrade it for a daily dose of luxury living. How about:

  • Luxury eyewear
  • New everyday purse or work bag
  • New fragrance
  • Classic shoes or handbag 
  • New sheets for your boudoir

A commemorative, heirloom, or keepsake 

  • A photoshoot that you can frame and relive the day 10 times over!
  • Timepiece or jewelry, think Mikimoto pearls – something that cab passed dow for generations!
  •  Fine china or glassware

Make your decision fast, National Splurge Day is only 21 days away!

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