LV Inspired Agenda Easel


Keep your agenda in top condition with this handmade LV inspired easel! Specs: acrylic easel, gold vinyl, size varies

All sales final




The easel measures approximately 4.5 inches wide x 5 inches high. Made of acrylic and covered in the signature Louis Vuitton logo and brand name.


Approximate LV agenda size chart:

PM agenda: easel 4x5x5 (small)

MM agenda: easel 6.5x7x7.5 (medium)

GM agenda: easel 10.5x9x9.5 (large)

Desk agenda: easel 10.5x9x9.5 (large)

Confirm the measurements of your personal agenda before purchasing the easel

Material: Acrylic

Color: Gold vinyl

Small Easel Measurements: Size varies, 1/8 inch lip

**Photograph features PM agenda on easel, agenda not included**

All sales final

Additional information

Easel Size

Small Easel – Gold, Small Easel – Silver, Small Easel – Mirrored Chrome, Small Easel – Black, Medium Easel – Gold, Medium Easel – Silver, Medium Easel – Mirrored Chrome, Medium Easel – Black, Large Easel – Gold, Large Easel – Silver, Large Easel – Mirrored Chrome, Large Easel – Black

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